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Standing Order Terms and Conditions


Please note that all standing order arrangement?s allowed by Aerodata Software Ltd are given in good faith that the monthly payments are continual and amount to at least the original cost of the database (ie ?150 or discounted price of ?135*)

They are issued only as an alternative to paying one lump sum at the start of using the database after paying a deposit (ie ?50 or discounted price of ?35*)

Failure to keep to this agreement will result in the balance of any outstanding monies being taken from the card account details used as the deposit.

Aerodata will not accept CDs returned after the database has been installed on any PC. As with any other software in the marketplace no refunds are given once the software is installed and after a password has been issued.

The database remains the property of Aerodata Software Ltd until all monies are paid in full and Aerodata Software Ltd will seek to collect all outstanding amounts up to the original agreed value (ie ?150 or discounted price of ?135*) (*Discounted prices to recognised societies)

Andy Walker

Aerodata Software Ltd