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Aerodata Software Ltd - Conditions of Support

We must make it very clear at the outset that two of our mail-lists have very specific uses.

It is a condition of being an Aerodata customer that everyone continues to be subscribed to the 'News' List and the 'Tech-Support' list.

We do not allow members setting themselves on 'nomail' or trying to 'hide'. There is no need to hide your email addresses or normal names, only the Aerodata Moderation Team are able to see them. That continues to be the case within this new members area.

'' is for updates, patches and news that they've been issued as well as other important messages that we need to communicate to all users of the database.

'' is for all technical support; sorting out any problems with updates, patches & add-ons.

We have no problem with choosing just to receive the digest, but that is the only alternative. Un-subscribing from either list can only be done with moderator approval. The reasons are obvious - updates, patches, warnings of these, warnings of updates as well as, more importantly, instructions on how & when to apply patches is all communicated via the 'News' List.

When you join Aerodata as a customer we explain that all updates, patches and support are provided via email. We cannot accept business when customers are either unable or unwilling to be connected to the internet.

The 'News' List, generates very few emails (around four a day as an average, and now no attachments), the 'Tech Support' list is not as busy as the general list but is busier than the 'News' List and for this reason we enable customers to set this as "digest" - (one mail a day).

If this is a problem because you only receive emails at WORK and your employers do not like it, then that is a problem for the individual to solve and you would then need to either get a connection at an address which can be received from OR receive no support from Aerodata.

Any other issues, including complaints & payments should be emailed directly but all other emails must be posted to the correct place.

This subject is not open to discussion. It would be unbelievable that you would not want every opportunity to keep your databases fully updated.

Although it is possible to un-subscribe from the either list, in doing so you are waiving your rights of support and your request will be actioned once we have received your confirmation email that your have read this page and understand the consequences.