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Aerodata Editors listings

With all the information contained with Aerodata, we feel it is vital for this information to be as up to date as possible. To meet these needs, we have 30 editors who are constantly updating and adding new frames.

Our editors can be categorised as:

  • Civil Editors
    • They work on specific country's registers and wherever possible work from official records as well local & manufacturer contacts.
  • Military Editors
    • In the same way, these editors work on specific countries using official record and local contacts and sightings.
  • Specific Type Editors
    • Looking after key civil and corporate manufacturers, these types were considered the most marketable and therefore more subject to regular changes - hence the need for specific editors.

For our members, the menu on the right will have expanded and you will now be able to access the lists of editors and what areas they cover.

Not all our editors are listed here, as we also have editors who work separately in building any new productions lists before they are added to the database.