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Aerodata Database Screenshots

This page contains several screen shots of the most impressive features of the database. The new database which contains several new features was originally released in February 2001 and updated in October 2010.

The screen shots below are those that appear in the latest release of the products.

(By clicking on each image, it will appear full size in a pop-up window this can be further expanded to give true view of each page of the database)



Lists & Registers - click to enlarge

 Entering "Lists and Registers" you are able to choose to generate immediately ......


 Full operator listing - click to enlarge

 and airline fleet lists even multiple operators if you wish,


Airfield based listing - click to enlarge

 and airfield resident listings.....


Full Country Register listing - click to enlarge

 You can even generate complete registers of any country you wish.....


Full sightings listing - click to enlarge

 You can also generate complete lists of your sightings


Complete Airframe history - click to enlarge

 A complete history of any airframe can quickly be accessed from any listing